What is the process?

It can vary, but here’s the basics:

  1. We discuss all the details of the project.
  2. I write up a project brief describing the deliverables and price.
  3. We agree on that brief and price and I take 50% of the price up front to begin making the art.
  4. I send an early rough draft to make sure the art is on track and the details are correct.
  5.  I work on the final artwork based off the approved rough draft. Progress images will be emailed during this time.
  6.  The final artwork is presented. I will revise it up to 3 times if any new changes are needed.
  7. Once the remaining 50% is paid you get the final artwork.


How to contact you?


Do you have set prices?

  • I do have set pricing for common simple projects, but will be more if the project has certain requirements.


What medium is your artwork?

  • All my artwork is digitally produced.


How do you deliver final artwork?

  • Digital files are emailed to you or uploaded to Google Drive or other preferred cloud storage. Offline delivery can be arranged if necessary.
  • Art print commissions will be manufactured and shipped through RedBubble.


What if I want more than 3 revisions to the final artwork?

  • That will cost extra. A detailed and specific project brief, and providing feedback during the rough draft phase will help avoid extra revisions.


Can I have the final artwork and pay the remaining 50% later?

  • No. The final artwork, the rights to use it and any rough drafts or early drafts, belong to me until final payment.


Will you resell or reuse artwork you create for me?

  • Only with your permission. However I will resell artwork if final payment has not been received within a year.


How do you accept payments?

  • Paypal or by Interac etransfer if you are in Canada. Contact me if you prefer an alternate method


Will you draw copyrighted characters?

  • For personal use only. And only if it is something that can’t be obtained from the rights holder. If it’s needed for commercial use you will need to be the rights holder, or have obtained a license from them.